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The Legal Group (TLG) is a boutique law firm, founded in the year 1998 by the perceptive and talented Saif Saeed Rashid Al Shamsi; with a single underlying philosophy that legal practice must always be grounded in a fundamental purpose of achieving excellence; and that TLG’s legal practice shall always be embedded and directed by that purpose.

At TLG we take pride in the fact that our lawyers are experts in interpreting the law favorably for our Clients; fierce and cut throat where required as well as trained in the art of diplomatic negotiation.

Saif believes that it is the combined effort of all our people – lawyers and other professionals alike that facilitates the delivery of superior and judicious legal service to our clients. Indeed, it is the firm’s people as a whole that are vital for its success. These are the foundations that TLG is built upon and the philosophies that it embraces. Founder & CEO Mr. Saif Al Shamsi leads the practice with only one passion: a passion for excellence.

We specialize in specific niche practice areas: Arbitration and ADR | Construction & Engineering | Dispute Resolution and Litigation | Funds and Investment Management | Intellectual Property |Real Estate.

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