Intellectual Property Registration Division completing registrations of Trademarks in record time.


TLG’s Intellectual Property (IP) Registration Division has successfully registered the trademarks of some of our clients in a record time of 6 months.

When following standard procedures and processes the average time taken to register a trademark in the UAE is between 10 and 12 months.

As a full service botique Law firm TLG not only registers clients’ trademarks but we also advise clients on how to get maximum protection of their by brands by covering all aspects of Brand Protection.

TLG’s IP department covers all aspects of IP protection not limited to but including IP registration, Market Research, IP Enforcement and IP litigation.

The IP Registration Division also handles all matters related to trademarks such as: Search, Registration, Renewal of a trademark or any Recordals/Changes or  any assignment that might occur during the life cycle of a trademark.

The services within TLG’s IP Department, go beyond the services of IP Registration, as we also draft and submit oppositions against a trademark that is similar/identical to your trademarks, or even act on your behalf in replying an opposition filed against the registration of your trademarks.

Suffice to say that our IP Registration Division is fully serviced and specialized in handling a wide variety of IP Rights Registration and Prosecution, to Maintenance, Licensing and Counseling Services related to Patents, Copyrights, Industrial Designs and Models.

One of the challenges observed in the market, besides counterfeiting, is the risk of infringement by unauthorised third-parties. Well-known brands are especially vulnerable to the act of ‘trademark squatting’ whereby a third-party may register the trademark under their name if there has been no prior registration by the brand owner. We have seen some clients face issues in this area, which leaves them no choice but to pursue expensive cancellation suits. For this reason, TLG always advises clients to make sure their trademark portfolios are updated and fully protected.

To find out more information about the IP Registration Division contact trademarks@tlg-ip.com