Intellectual Property Registration Department Sets New Record in Trademark Acceptance


The Legal Group’s (TLG) Intellectual Property (IP) Registration Department has set a record in seeking approval for the registration of our client’s trademark. TLG filed for the registration for our client on the 1st of August and the acceptance was granted  on the 12th of August.

It is unprecedented that a trademark application receives approval in 12 days as it usually takes between 8 and 10 months for the acceptance of a trademark to be granted. It is a milestone for TLG to complete this approval in 12 days, and TLG understands the importance of time and works closely with authorities attain favourable results for our clients.

Trademarks are an integral part of brands and organisations. As a full-service boutique law firm, TLG advises clients in the importance of registering their trademarks, as well as how to register them effectively in order to get maximum protection from infringement. TLG offers a 360-degree IP protection solution to our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, IP registration, Search, Monitoring, Enforcement and Litigation.

The close working relationship with authorities not only ensures registration in the shortest possible time, but also ensures the highest level of brand protection.

The IP Registration Division also provides extended services and handles all matters related to trademarks such as: Search, Registration, Renewal of a trademark or any Recordals/Changes or any assignment that might occur during the life cycle of a trademark.

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