TLG’s Corporate Division is proud to announce that TLG has become an official licensed agent of the RAK International Corporate Center (RAK ICC), for offshore companies. TLG has full access to RAK ICC’s portal and services and acts as the connecting bridge between individual investors and companies seeking to incorporate and conduct business through RAK ICC. Registration at RAK ICC can only be done through a licensed registered agent.

The ‘Rising Emirate’ is set to be one of the fastest growing international trading hubs in the region and tens and thousands of companies continue to be incorporated at RAK ICC. Born out of Decrees No. 12 of 2015 and No. 4 of 2016, Ras Al Khaimah’s former two separate company registries - RAK International Companies and RAK Offshore - where grouped under one sole entity, wholly owned by the government of Ras Al Khaimah, creating the RAK ICC.


What distinguishes RAK ICC from other financial zone authorities is its unique benefits in services and costs, and what is particularly advantageous is that the registration process is easy, fast, and less costly. Registration at RAK ICC is set to take a mere 2-3 days to complete and its favorable one-time registration fee is approximately 75% less than other financial zone authorities. Secure and effective, RAK ICC operates at a 0% rate for corporate taxation and duties, and with 100% foreign ownership.

Located just an hour’s drive away from Dubai, RAK ICC is a modern world class Company Registry responsible for the registration and incorporation of International Business Companies and offshore entities. Known for its classified privacy, clear regulations, and full compliance with local and international standards, RAK ICC is expected to become one of the world’s premium jurisdiction havens for company formation services and emerging business opportunities.


TLG’s Corporate Division specializes in registering new offshore entities, creating branches for international companies, and managing the incorporation process from its onset until its suspension. TLG is glad to be of assistance to individual investors and international companies, and being the connecting bridge to RAK ICC.