TLG Raids Imported Container with Authorities


A few days ago TLG gathered intelligence that a trader was due to receive shipments of counterfeit goods. The goods were set to arrive into the UAE from one of the ports from an Asian country. 

TLG Immediately started implementing strategies and measures to intercept this 40 foot container upon its entry. 

After the container was released the trader had it transported to his place of business in one of the Emirates. Once delivered TLG coordinated with authorities to have the container opened and inspected. 
A raid was initiates and upon inspection almost 65000 pieces of counterfeit goods were discovered and seized. 

The goods included glasses, sunglasses, accessories, watches, clothing and shoes displaying some of the worlds biggest brands. 
Criminal action was instituted against the trader and he will face the full might of the law. 

TLG is proud to be a market leader in the protection of intellectual property rights in the UAE, GCC, MENA and beyond.