Massive Seizures of Counterfeit Products in Morocco


Author:Patricia Parafina


The pressing problem of exploiting famous brands across different industries seems to pose a never-ending threat. This not only has a highly damaging effect on the brands, there also exists a growing concern for their consumers who are deceived by such illegal products. Though the Enforcement Authorities are waging an aggressive battle against this menace, these illegal activities continue to rise at an alarming rate.

Recently, The Legal Group succeeded in conducting major seizures of counterfeit products from two factories in Morocco. Apart from garments and labels of more than half a million, manufacturing machines were also detained.

The first factory was found producing fake labels and buttons for counterfeit jeans of well-known brands. As seen in the pictures below, there were also huge amounts of textiles as well as machines used for the production of fake garments. (You may refer to the gallery for more pictures.)

The second one where the seizures were made was a factory building comprising five floors, where ten containers of fake readymade jeans of famous brands were found ready to be exported. In this seizure, fake buttons and labels that were ready to be sewn on to the counterfeit jeans were also discovered. The pictures below show the scale of the counterfeit goods seized. (You may refer to the gallery for more pictures.)

According to the new Industrial Property Law No. 23-13 issued in Morocco, which amends Law No. 17-97 of the year 2000, entered into force on 15 January 2015, the fines and penalties on counterfeiters has been strengthened. Accordingly, since last year, the Court has started imposing a fine of not less than US$ 5,500 and up to US$ 50,000 or more on the counterfeiters, as compensation to the Intellectual Property Rights Holders. Thus, more than the seizures made, these huge amounts of fines have been set as a deterrent for the illicit traders, with the hope that they will refrain from the illegal activities.

These two major seizures by The Legal Group were made possible in conjunction with H & H Consulting Law Firm and the great support from the Enforcement Authorities of Morocco.