TLG Hits One Million


The month of September has been a very busy month for TLG’s IP department. Every week has seen TLG cooperate with Authorities to conduct many successful raids. These raids have resulted in the netting in of large quantities of counterfeit goods. The raids in question have been conducted in various Emirate as well as in other GCC and MENA countries.

TLG has used its experience to generate valuable intelligence that has resulted in gathering of important information.

Research has also proven that counterfeit goods are destructive in many different ways such as putting brands into disrepute, causing unnecessary injury and even death. Counterfeit products such as cosmetics, body care, pharmaceuticals and automotive parts are of particular risk to consumers as they are dangerous to the consumers wellbeing.

Raids conducted by TLG this month included raids on traders, wholesalers, businesses, apartments and ports. Items seized ranged from automotive spares, cosmetics, hardware, stationery, body care, pharmaceuticals, eyewear, clothing and tools. Altogether the items seized were more that 1.3 million pieces in quantity.  

TLG continues to work tirelessly to protect brands and consumers alike. For all your IP needs visit our website or email