TLG Wins case against major developer


The Legal Group Advocates and Legal Consultants’(TLG) litigation team has secured another major win for its client in a real estate case that has been ongoing since 2013.

Our Client (Mr. C), had a dispute with a leading property developer over the purchase of a property.

The property, which was bought and paid for in full was scheduled to be handed over to our client within 24 months. The Sale and Purchase Agreement was entered into and signed in March 2007. In December 2013, Mr C approached TLG seeking legal advice and assistance as to date he had not received his property. TLG recommended that he approaches the court for recourse as several attempts to get either the property or a refund from the developer were unfruitful.

TLG has previously won several cases against property developers, where our clients were awarded their full investment along with interest, damages and legal costs. Our Litigation Team has extensive experience in conducting successful litigation cases regardless of the size, complexities and nature of the case. In this instance, the case went through the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Cessation Court. After having been sent back to the Court of First Instance by the Cessation Court, the final judgement was awarded in our Clients favour.

Mr. C was awarded over 9 million dirhams as a refund, in addition to all court fees and 12% interest as of 2013. The Legal Group Advocates is proud to have served our client well by successfully in obtaining a favourable outcome.

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