Counterfeit Automotive Parts Seized


Authorities in UAE have together with The Legal Group conducted a raid on a trader. TLG’s Intellectual Property Division had information about the illegal activities of a trader one of the Northern Emirates. The trader was suspected of wholesaling and distributing large quantities of counterfeit automotive parts.

A raid was then instituted by TLG and the relevant authorities. This raid was particularly difficult as the trader had employed innovative and creative ways to conceal and camouflage his illegal activities. As a result, the raid took more than one day to complete. The trader in question was hiding the counterfeit goods in two warehouses and in order to catch the trader the raids had to be conducted late at night, with one of the raids only to be completed late on the following night. Both raids yielded positive results with large quantities of counterfeit automotive parts being found and seized.

The trader was caught in possession of more than 100 000 pieces of counterfeit automotive parts from many major brands.

The UAE authorities have previously commented on the dangers of counterfeit automotive parts and the hazards they pose to motorists.

The counterfeit goods were seized and are set to be destroyed, while at the same time further action will be taken against the trader.

TLG remains committed to protecting lives of motorists by removing fake automotive parts from the local and regional markets.