Dubai Introduces Freelance Permits for Media and Education Sectors


Residents in Dubai may now  freelance in the media and education sectors. Dubai’s Tecom Group has introduced a freelance permit for AED 7 500. This permit may be obtained under your current visa, or if you do not have a visa you can now get a 3 year visa issued under Tecom.

The annual fee includes the freelancer permit and access to the Tecom Business Centre. Candidates can register for the simple three-step permit online on the already up-and-running website

Gofreelance is an initiative that offers freelancers the freedom to do part time, contract or freelance work. The education permit offers from choice 5 work activities while the media permit offers 44 activities.

The initiative saves the applicant the trouble of setting aside a huge amount of capital to rent an office. The new product is cheaper than the previous cost of getting a permit. The Tecom visa also allows the candidate to sponsor his or her family. Should the candidate’s family, who are under Tecom sponsorship, want to freelance as well they only need to apply for a permit and will not need to change their visa.

Residents who hold job visas need to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC) from their employer or sponsor to apply for the permit.

Dubai is committed to attracting and fostering talent in the media and education sectors, and this initiative is a great example of the leaderships vision for nurturing the best global talent in Dubai

Freelancers are often the most vulnerable part of media because they have no protection. They get used, are cheated of payments, spend a lot of time chasing payments. By coming under the canopy of the government dictate they will have an official standing and a certain sense of identity and protection.

Source: Khaleej Times