Introducing the Technical Advisory Division


The Legal Group has officially launched its newest division, The Technical Advisory Division. The Division arose out of a need in the market for experts who can address technical issues that have legal implications. This new Division aims to serve specialised sectors such as the construction, healthcare, insurance, petroleum and other technical industries.

The Construction Advisory Department is the first department in the Technical Advisory Division. Its focus is on the technicalities of contracts in the construction sector.

What does this Department do?

  1. Prevention is better than cure; We provide construction contracts review and audit at pre-contract stage, that is, prior to signature. We encourage our clients to bring their construction contracts to us for review and audit so that we can ensure that their interests are protected right from the beginning, or, the pre-contract stage. Our construction experts will look at the technicalities and commitments of the contract while our legal experts will draft the language and legal framework to protect our clients and mitigate risks.
  2. Court Appointed Expert Meetings; We offer technical advisory services during the examination stage of a Court appointed Expert. It is very common in construction litigation that the Court of Law appoints a Technical Expert to review technical issues and the finding of the Expert report can be very crucial to the decision of the Court. The nature of the Expert’s work is highly technical and that is why it is imperative to involve Technical Advisor from our team to participate along with your lawyer during the meetings held by the Court appointed Expert. In many instances, the involvement of the Technical Advisor in those meetings can make a difference between winning or losing the case.
  3. Contracts Management and Legal Services; We offer contracts administration through project real time assistance and ultimately through dispute resolution whether litigation, mediation or arbitration, by our team at the Technical Advisory Division and the Corporate & Commercial Division team at TLG. Being part of a full-service boutique law firm also means that we have at our disposal the services of our other legal departments if a dispute should ever arise.
  4. Advanced Services of Construction Audit for Properties Developers and Owners; During construction projects, the project team endeavour to ensure that cost and performance are being controlled. In most situations, however, their focus is different to the way an External Construction Auditor would: visualize contract terms, identify overcharging, manage risks and examine control procedures to make sure they’re functioning properly. Our expert team can perform a third-party/ independent construction audit to better manage risks and review various aspects of a project. Since construction projects typically involve several entities performing a number of concurrent tasks, Construction Audit is a crucial tool for keeping everything on track and under budget.

Our Clients are individuals and businesses at all levels of participation in construction projects, including owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and design professionals. Our team has extensive experience assisting and advising Clients in all aspects of construction law and contracts review.

The team in the Construction Advisory Department is led by technical expert and engineer Mr Nizar Al Qutob. Mr Al-Qutob is a civil engineer with over 30 years experience in the construction industry. He has a solid track record of heading and managing numerous multi-million-dollar projects in the region

Our Goal is to assist our Clients in realizing issues which may result in costly litigation and court awarded damages if allowed to continue unaddressed. Our Client must be made aware of their obligations, including risks, we best serve our goal of minimizing or preventing expensive litigation.

Contact Us To find out more about how we can be of service to you, please contact us, and one of our technical and legal experts will be glad to meet with you. We are available on or 04 4477044