Saudi Authorities conduct raids with TLG


TLG’s Intellectual Property Division has, together with Saudi Authorities, conducted two major raid actions in Saudi Arabia. Theses raids were on traders found to be dealing in counterfeit cosmetics.

The raids came after a lengthy investigation that exposed the two traders conducting illegal activities.

The first trader was infringing on a cosmetics brand by importing and distributing large quantities of counterfeit cosmetics. These included hair oils, styling creams and soaps. Altogether 19 000 pieces were seized from this trader and further action against the trader has been instituted.

The second trader was also exposed following a thorough investigation. The trader was also involved in the importation and wholesale distribution of counterfeit cosmetics. The products in question were infringing on some of the world’s biggest cosmetics and make up brands. In total approximately 42 631pieces of counterfeit cosmetics were seized and are set to be destroyed.

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