TLG Wins Another Major IP Litigation Case


TLG has one a major Intellectual Property litigation case for our client concerning use of their brand name.

The dispute arose when our Client, a prominent European brand, discovered a UAE based company (Defendant) using the same brand name as theirs. The Defendant’s company sells and distributes the same type of products as the our Client. The Defendant was not only using the same tradename but also use the same trademark as the Client.

TLG approached the courts on behalf of our client seeking an order to cancel the tradename of the Defendant and seeking to oblige them to stop misusing and infringing the name, trademark and brand of our Client.

What makes the case more complex is that it was taken into consideration by the courts that the Defendant has been using the tradename for over 27 years in the UAE. In spite of this, TLG’s litigation Department was able to persuade the courts that it is our clients right to use that tradename. This was further supported by the fact that our clients tradename and brand are the name of their founder.

The judgement made by the courts concurred that the Defendant has been misusing the name, brand and trademark of our client, and has caused unfair competition and damages to our client. As a result of this the courts ordered that the Defendants tradename be struck off and cancelled from the registers of the Dubai Economic Department and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubai and all other Emirates. Further to this the Defendant was ordered to stop using the tradename and trademark from all their products, shops and branches in the UAE and stop all associations with the trademark whatsoever.

Finally the Defendant was obliged by the courts to cover all expenses related to the case in addition to attorney fees.

TLG prides itself in winning cases for clients, regardless of how complex they may be.

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