Training to help officials differentiate between genuine goods, harmful knockoffs


DUBAI: The authorities through over 700 raids have confiscated and destroyed counterfeit goods worth millions of dirhams to protect consumers and brands. The culprits have been devising new tactics to smuggle counterfeit goods in which the top item is cosmetics followed by leather goods, auto spare parts and others.

This was stated by Hatem Abdelghani, Partner and Director of Intellectual Property at The Legal Group on the sidelines of the two-day Annual Intellectual Property Training workshop held at the Armani Hotel, Dubai. 
The workshop was attended by officials from all over the country while a special delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Kuwait also attended the workshop.

The training assists authorities to be able to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit goods. Consumers are also encouraged to buy genuine products by purchasing from official brand shops and reputable stores. They can also look out for counterfeit products by inspecting bar codes, fonts
and colours of the products they wish to buy.

This year the Dubai government destroyed almost Dhs1.2 billion worth of counterfeit goods. The authorities continue to work tirelessly to protect both consumers and brand owners.
The Annual IP Training is a programme run annually by The Legal Group to help enforcement authorities keep up to date with international trends in IP protection.

Highlighting the relevance and significance of the training, Hatem Abdelghani said, “From time to time, there are changes in how counterfeiters infringe on brands, it is imperative that enforcement authorities stay updated on these changes.”
Counterfeit goods are known to pose a real danger to the lives of consumers. Research has shown that many people every year lose their wellbeing and even their lives as a result of counterfeit items such as automotive parts, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Fake automotive parts are substandard
and can result in accidents and loss of life.

Pharmaceuticals manufactured on the black market are just as dangerous as many of them do not contain the active ingredients needed to treat the ailments they are supposed to treat. Some even contain toxic substances that may pose a serious threat to the person consuming them.